The Motherload by Undefining Motherhood

The Motherload by Undefining Motherhood

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Where New Mom Education Meets Big Sis Support 

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Ever felt like motherhood’s kinda like trying to assemble an IKEA shelf with no instructions? A ton of parts, an elusive Allen wrench, and that sneaky feeling you’re missing a piece? Oh, and where in the world does this oddly shaped peg go?! Yep, been there, done that! 
Enter: The Motherload. Think of us as the big sister you’ve always wanted who not only has the manual, but has assembled the same shelf a dozen times.
Motherhood comes with a brand new load, and we’re here to lighten it!

Why Jump on The Motherload Bandwagon?

Let’s be real, friend. Motherhood is transformative, but let’s face it, it adds a LOT to your plate. And while I hate to say it, I’ve promised to be your honest new bestie, so here goes--your load is just going to get heavier.

So let’s start lightening it. Right now. Did you know there are hundreds of untapped ways to DO LESS when you have a baby? And we’re building a SISTERHOOD to show you how!

  • Little Leaps, Large Landings: Small hacks that save big time!
  • AI for the A+ Mom: Tricks to using AI to customize all those pesky little checklists and sleep schedules that just don’t work perfectly for your life 🤦‍♀️
  • Sanity-Saving Stations: The essentials, always right where you need them. No more hide and seek -- unless it’s playtime 🎈
  • Master the Art of Delegating: Delegation strategies to get more and BETTER hands to help 🤝
  • Emotional Armor Kits: Prepped and ready to ensure your heart and mind are as nurtured as those tiny toes you adore.
  • And friend, that’s just the tip of the bottle 🍼
The thing is, no one tells you about these things --because most moms are too overwhelmed to figure them out. That’s where we come in, friend!

At The Motherload, we’ve combined my own (and my community’s) countless experiences with my team’s research background (we’re a team of PhDs, and we LOVE digging into what the data says!) to build the mother of all mom spaces--the dreamiest hangout packed with resources and overflowing with support. 
Fueled by research and heart, we’re here for you as you move through the different stages of this journey.
It’s not just content. It’s not just friends. It’s a compass guiding you through the transitions you’re facing, helping you navigate these waters with expertise and ease.

Dive into our exclusive membership offerings:

  • Supportive Sisterhood: It’s like a book club but for all things mom. We chat, we share, we even dish on the latest mom hacks. Group hug, anyone? 🤗
  • March to Your Own Beat: We’re all about that bass . . . and treble 🎵 In other words, we believe in individuality. We give you the tunes, but you dance how you want, mama 💃🏽
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our team? Oh, just some PhDs with heaps of mom wisdom sprinkling their genius everywhere. Research-backed, mom-approved! 🧠✨
  • Monthly Mama Meets: Picture this: You, me, and a cuppa tea (or coffee, or wine—no judgments here!) on Zoom, chatting away about anything and everything. 🍷
  • Videos that Don’t Bore: Every month, expect fun, fresh, and oh-so-relatable content to make your mama journey a tad bit easier 🎥
  • Masterclasses with the Maestros: Monthly Zoom calls with subject-matter experts covering crucial topics, from baby sleep secrets to budgeting for baby’s first year.

Meet Your Newest Big Sis

Hey, friend! I’m Katy, and I’m buzzing to help guide you through this oh-so-scary-but-also-incredible journey.

Motherhood didn’t come easily for me. Like, at all. After studying motherhood for a whole decade working on my PhD, when I tried to have my own kids, I landed in a whirlwind of years struggling with fertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

When I finally carried a healthy pregnancy, I longed for a community who “got me,” but I never found one, and that’s why I launched Undefining Motherhood. And now, it’s a big part of the reason I’m bringing you The Motherload.

I’ve been through the gamut, really. Fertility struggles, recurrent miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, high risk pregnancy after loss, preeclampsia, postpartum anxiety, advanced maternal age, pelvic floor problems (diastasis recti AND pelvic organ prolapse) -- basically, I’ve got a lot of life experience with the hard parts of motherhood.

And during all those experiences, there were a few things I longed for and often struggled to find.

  • I wanted to feel seen.
  • I needed my struggles to be validated so I knew I wasn’t a piece of sh*t mom for thinking it was HARD.
  • I was desperate for someone to just make it easier. All of it. The emotions, the anxiety, the massive life transitions, and the actual planning and maintenance.

I’ve made it my mission to do those things for you, friend. Come be my newest bestie?

Our Commitment

The Motherload is more than just a membership; it’s a movement. We’re here to ensure you’re not just coping, but thriving in your new role.

Step into motherhood with the ultimate sisterhood of support in your corner.

Ready to take a weight off your shoulders and embrace the joy of this phase?

Secure Your Spot in The Motherload Revolution!

save time & energy

Before & AFter baby

Learn the very best tips from seasoned moms to make new mom life easier. Everything in this course is backed by research or personal experience. And in most cases -- BOTH!

You'll walk away with a notebook complete with your game plan for EVERYTHING you need during the early weeks and months with a new baby.



Katy provided a one-stop resource with practical, organized, and reliable education.

I felt supported, prepared, and empowered and I had tactical steps to take through postpartum.."

Elizabeth N.

Katy made me feel completely valid in all that I was feeling and made me feel less isolated. I knew she'd done all the work to review/test products and it was such a relief.

I recommend her to any new-mom-to-be!

Sarah C.

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